Essay On Swarm Intelligence

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The idea of swarm intelligence is consequent from the movement of the Ants that collect food from certain places and accumulate into the nest. The ant is selecting the shortest path from source to destination with the association in definite arrangement. The worker’s movement is much larger than the sum of separate activity. The idea of shortest path using swarm intelligence broadly used in circuit switching as well as wireless communication. It is distributed approach where efficiency via specific division of labor in a colony of bees. The movement of transportation either on the road as well as overhead bridges. I have proposed the method to achieve the incoming and outgoing traffic to pass through every node by using bipartite graph.

Figure 1 – Swarm Intelligence

The shortest path technique is widely used in a number of applications in computer science like wired networks is called guided media. The graph theory defines the shortest path from source
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They collect the food when the destination has a same distance, but we check the most sweetest food take first. Swarm intelligence follows the decentralized approach of optimization and controlling of work in sequential order. This approach is inspired from the Ant society with collaboration of work in appropriate order-[9, 10]. This approach is very effective in computer networks either guided or unguided media. The first SI Network algorithm is used in 1996 with name Ant-Based Control (ABCT) -[11]. The logic behind to search shortest path behavior is the use of pheromone. It is a volatile chemical substance that is secreted by the ant in order to inspire the behavior of other ants. It is an important tool not only for shortest path, but also in general as an important tool that is many species of ants levels of pheromone intensity from left to right and top to bottom in any direction