Essay On Technology And Technology

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RRL 1 : (Are you a master of or a slave to technology?)

People had never experienced a life as easy as our life now. With just one click in the internet we get an answer to every question we have in mind. Smartphones now a days has built in GPS where in it gives us directions on where to go when were looking for a certain place. Even when searching for the best books, music or movies we tend to search it up in the internet already and it would always be just one click away. We all know that everyone right now has smartphones already as early as the age of 5 and based on this article theres this phenomenon called the phantom phone phenomenon according to the researchers called pew there are more than 66% off people with phones often
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Technology changes the lifestyle of us humans since it makes things easier for us however, humans being the creator of these technologies makes it a part of human nature. Technology is influencing humanity as it modifies human qualities, while at the same time, humanity is influencing technology as the development and expansion of technology is created by humans. With technology rapidly increasing as it helps humans there are certain factors influencing and affecting mankind in a negative way where in it alters the nature of humanity that leads to issues concerning morals. Though technology is considered as a part of human evolution it should not alter human qualities and these human qualities shouldn't be taken over by technology.

RRL 8: (Humans Vs. Technology) Technology advances through time and has become a pivotal role in society. It reached the point where humans rely on technology to make life easier. In the near future technology will have a bigger role in functioning the society. Technology is used to store informations, produce commodities, communicate, search. Technology will soon reign over the