Essay On The Articles Of Confederation

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Although the Articles of Confederation were the building blocks of America, it had many downfalls such as the failure to impose taxes, having the control over the interstate commerce, and amending documents. These faults needed to be changed as soon as possible to make create a better government, also giving some rights to the people and being able to control the trade between states.
The Articles of Confederation had many faults and one of the main ones was levying taxes. The congress could request the states to pay taxes but that wasn’t right. If it did not collect the taxes that had to be imposed then the government could not pay the debts it had. Not only did the states suffer but also the entire country. It was changed to where the congress had the right to levy taxes on the individuals. Taxation was necessary to support a stable government. However, everything depended on imposing taxes so we could get money and pay for anything the country needed such as raising an army and help the country become stronger.
Another mistake that the Articles of Confederation had was they had no control over the trade between states. The Articles of Confederation were worthless in enforcing good interstate relations because they did not provide Congress with the authority to control interstate trade, except as a last resort. States were exclusively granted the right to levy imposts on foreign goods, and they freely interpreted this to trade goods from other countries as well as other states in the United States. More restrictions were needed between the trades and needed to have someone in charge such as the congress. If it were to be controlled then they wouldn’t have lost so much money and goods letting other countries take advantage or the states that didn’t have ports and got charged more money. Furthermore, the last reason why the