Essay On The Causes Of The Industrial Revolution Dbq

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The Industrial Revolution caused many cities to change their old ways of business. One of these cities during the nineteenth century was Manchester, England. The Industrial Revolution caused businesses to grow larger and goods to be manufactured easier and faster. Adam Smith wrote one of the very first books covering the topic of economics at the time of the Industrial Revolution called, “The Wealth of Nations”. In it he discusses the political economy during that time period. This book set an example for modern capitalism and new industry. Public health, living conditions, and poor working conditions were all issues that became apparent during the growth of Manchester. These issues during the time were reacted to in both negative and positive ways. …show more content…
In this is discussed a negative reaction to the crowded and narrow streets of the city, which are lined with buildings filled with machinery (Doc 1). This poet was romantic and he obviously sees this city is without any beauty. A member of parliament responded to this poet saying that the living conditions had not worsened but were a positive growth on society. His arguments being that people live a longer and better life because of the new industry (Doc 2). Since he was a member of parliament it is very likely that his reason for writing this response was to try to give the industry of Manchester a boost by getting people to agree that it was good. A French visitor of Manchester had both a positive and negative view of the cities industrialization (Doc 3). He basically says that the mild destruction of the city is worth it in the long run. The people do not take leisurely strolls through the streets but the development of industry in the city is a miracle. He is from France so he has not seen industrialization yet because France has not yet