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Mrs. Danek
English II/Period 4
Danny and his Inner Desires Throughout the book The Chosen by Chaim Potok, Danny goes through many phases and matures as a young adult. He proves that he is a reasonably intelligent and intricate young man. He begins with being very self-centered and conceited at the baseball game, and ends the book being a respectful young adult. He meets a boy at a baseball game named Reuven and their friendship matures as time goes on. Danny is trying to grow up and determine what he wants to do with his life, but this proves to be difficult for him considering that his father is trying to drive him in a certain direction in which he does not want to go. At the beginning of the book Danny reveals himself as a very confident, yet somewhat mysterious character. When he is at the baseball game all the other players and coaches seem to all come to the general consensus that Danny is a very good player. When Reuven attempts to start a friendly conversation, Danny turns the cold shoulder on him and is very impertinent. He does no say very much before or during the baseball game, however after the game when Reuven ends up in the hospital he comes and asks for forgiveness for hurting him and being rude. Reuven is still mad at Danny, but forces himself to be nice to Danny, “I looked at him in amazement. He was the last person I had expected to visit me in the hospital. ‘Before you tell me how much you hate me,’ he said quietly, ‘let me tell you that I’m sorry about what happened’…’I don’t hate you,’ I managed to say because I thought it was time for me to say something even if what I said was a