Essay On The Crucible Abigail Williams

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Arthur Miller's play The Crucible shifted the way many Americans viewed the world. During the 1950's, numerous amounts Americans were afraid of Communism. They saw Communism as a threat to their pre-existing free market capitalist systems. America was no longer a place accepting of ideals and but instead put several restrictions on supporters of Communism. Senator Joseph McCarthy pushed for investigations into suspected communist within the U.S. government. McCarthy used random speculation to accuse individuals which put America into a state of constant fear call the “Red Scare”. Miller wrote his play The Crucible as a response to the world around him. Miller wanted to show Americas why speculation is not meant for causation. The Crucible …show more content…
This demonstrates how Proctor is not the pure individual that most protagonist are, but rather an adulterer. This scene also displayed Abigail Williams, the antagonist, motivation. It revealed her as a woman desperate for the love of John Proctor. Abigail Williams is first showcased to the readers during the introductions. She runs into the forest with most of the girls from the village. The girls fill a pot with herbs and yell the name of the man they want to entice. Tituba leads the spell they all want to cast while Abigail asks for John Proctor and for Tituba to bring death towards Elizabeth. The girls dance naked while Tituba chants. Reverend Parris caught the women dancing and they all run away. Reverend Parris finds out that two of the women within the community have fallen asleep and they could not wake. Parris knows that his Daughter & niece were both in the woods dancing. Reverend Parris found it suspicious that his daughter and another girl had both fallen asleep when they had been in the woods the previous