Essay On The Crucible Act 2 Scene

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller part Act 2 Scene 2 was dropped from the published reading version and production after 1971 by Arthur Miller himself. Scene 2 is a 10 minutes scene between John Proctor and Abigail William about Abigail accusing John's wife of practicing witchcraft. I strongly disagree with Arthur Miller's decision to remove Act 2 Scene 2 from The Crucible. This scene is such an important part in the book or play, it should not be dropped because the implied message of the book or because of Mc Carthy's accusations was false.

Act 2 scene 2 was a conversation between John Proctor and Abigail Williams which was a very deep and significant conversation between the two of them. This is the part what I think is the most significant part of the book/play. Abigail is known for being a threatening, powerful and confident girl, but in this scene she was completely revealed. There was nothing for her to hide behind anymore, she was being herself for one time in the play. From the scene before we know that Abigail can go insane and crazy for John Proctor's love, In Act 2 Scene 2 Abigail finally spoke the truth about how she feels deeply in her heart to John about her love.
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John describes Abigail as a "whore" and "women dog" during their conversation. Inappropriate words may strongly affect the reader reading the scene, but it has never been proved that books or plays can not contain curse words. Swearing, cursing, and insulting other people has been used around daily for hundreds of years. Even the greatest English language authors like Sam Pepys, Stephen Fry and even William Shakespeares have used curses or inappropriate words containing in their published work. Although Act 2 scene 2 may have negative influence to reader containing a few inappropriate words, it does not affect the book in general and could still be a part of the