Essay On The Dust Bowl

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The dust bowl was responsible for one of the worst economic disasters in U.S. history. The dust bowl negatively affected people in an economic way. It made the farmers lose their jobs which messed up the agriculture, it made the period of the Great Depression even worse, and it made many people go on Federal Emergency relief.
The Dust bowl made the farmers lose their jobs which messed up the economy in an agricultural way.“The massive dust storms forced farmers out of business. They lost both their livelihoods and their homes.” (“What was the Dust bowl? Causes and Effects.”)The dust storms made the farmers lose their farms which resulted in them losing their homes and businesses which messed up the economy. “Prices for the crops they were able
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The per-acre value of farmland declined by 28% in high-erosion counties and 17% in medium-erosion counties, relative to land value changes in low-erosion counties.” (“Dust Bowl”)The quote says that counties with the most erosion lost agricultural values the most, which means that the droughts made the farmers lose their jobs which decreased that agriculture land values and affected the economy.“ Because banks failed in the Dust Bowl region at a higher rate than elsewhere, farmers could not get the credit they needed to buy capital to shift crop production.” (“Dust Bowl”)The farmers could not get the things they needed to keep producing crops and resulted in affecting the economy in a negative way.“In many regions, more than 75% of the topsoil was blown away by the end of the 1930s. Land degradation varied widely. Aside from the short-term economic consequences caused by erosion, there were severe long-term economic consequences caused by the Dust Bowl.”(“Dust Bowl”)This quote explains how ¾ of the topsoil that farmers use was blown away. This affected the agricultural economy for a long