Essay On The Effects Of Donny's Relationship

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Because of their rebellion, Donny, Sammy and Mrs. Mallard damaged and weakened their own and others’ relationships. Through his acts of rebellion, Donny damages the relationship between his mother and sister. Daisy, Donny’s mother, was constantly busy with Donny so “she couldn’t give as much attention to Donny’s younger sister… Donny’s sister seems to be staying away from home as much as possible” (Tyler 287, 294). Because of his rebellion, Donny causes Daisy to put all her resources, energy and time into him which results in the neglect of her daughter, Amanda. And by neglecting her daughter, Daisy does not have time to build any kind of relationship with her since she is too busy with Donny, thus giving Amanda an impression of unimportance. …show more content…
Because of Daisy’s continuation of putting effort and time into finding Donny even after he was gone, Amanda no longer feels the need to be at home because she knows that she is less important in the eyes of her mother as long as Donny is involved. In addition, Sammy’s rebellion causes the ruin of his parent’s and Lengel’s relationship. Lengel warned Sammy saying, “‘Sammy, you don’t want to do this to your Mom and Dad’… He’s been a friend of my parents for years” (Updike 4). Since Lengel cares about his friendship with Sammy’s parents and their perception about him, he worried that because Sammy went home from his store without a job, his friendship with Sammy’s parents would be in jeopardy. Although it was Sammy himself who quit his job at Lengel’s shop and unfortunately, even if Lengel had been a friend to them for years, Sammy’s parents would ultimately take the side of their child. They would blame Lengel, although perhaps behind his back, and question what Lengel did or what his shop did that lead Sammy to decide to voluntarily quit his