Essay On The House In The Great Gatsby

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the recurring use of “houses” throughout reflects the meaning of the novel. The house of each character tells the personality, past, and traits of that character. The qualities of the house, the size, whether or not it is a home, mirror the qualities of the character who owns that house.
The house that each character owns speaks about themselves and reflects their personality. Each house signifies their status in the world, and actual traits about the person themselves. Nick, who rents a small house on West Egg, is a more introverted character. He is quieter, and keeps his thoughts to himself rather than sharing with other people. George and Myrtle Wilson have a small, run-down house near the city.
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To build oneself up from nothing, to work hard and achieve wealth and social status. Nick, is attempting to achieve the American Dream. Even though he is from a slightly distinguished family, Nick moves to New York to try to learn the bond business. He is attempting to build himself up and make life for himself. Daisy and Tom, who have a large estate and are of a high social class, appear to already have the American Dream. The white-picket fence, the wealth, the class. Yet they did not actually build themselves up from nothing. Their wealth and class was inherited, they did not forge a new beginning for their own. So Daisy and Tom Buchanan have not actually achieved “The American …show more content…
He is a fake. All of his wealth and extravagance is to convince others that he is of a higher class than he is actually from. His house, his car, his parties, are all exaggerations to make it appear that he is of a high social status. Gatsby is from a lower class, yet he achieved massive wealth, he made a life for himself. So Gatsby has in fact achieved the American Dream. He built himself up from nothing, made a life for himself. So throughout the book when he appears to be a fake because he is actually from a lower class, he is the only one who has achieved the American