Essay On The Impact Of Driverless Cars On Society

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Imagine a world where car accidents are a rarity. A world where people can relax while they’re in the car instead of worrying. Well, it seems that that world isn't too far fetched. New technology is being presented, and it looks like we may have driverless cars on the road in the next couple years, but what will that do to society? Some impacts that driverless cars could have on society are less traffic, easier ways to get to work, and fewer accidents.

One impact that driverless cars could have on society is less traffic. In the article, A glimpse of self-driving reveals a creeping revolution, it states, “Schwartz believes that California may dedicate lanes to self-driving vehicles within 10 years.(2)” Having separate lanes could create less traffic and make travelling faster. Another way that driverless cars could make it so there is less traffic is knowing where accidents are. This means that the car can choose an alternate route so it
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In the article A glimpse of self-driving reveals a creeping revolution it states, “Already, cars can park themselves, slam on the brakes to avoid crashes and adjust steering to stay centered in a lane.(1)”. Already cars have the technology to reduce accidents even with a human driver, but when the car is completely driverless, accidents will be eliminated. Another action that driverless cars may be able to do is automatically stop at a red light. This could mean stopping someone from running a redlight and preventing a collision. Adding to that, driverless cars may also be able to swerve away from other cars safely to avoid being hit. This could make it so there are fewer crashes on the highway, where cars often drift out of their designated lanes. All this new technology that driverless cars may have, help make it so that fewer accidents will happen; which in turn makes the road a much safer place to drive