Essay On The Impact Of The War On Drugs

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The impact of the War on Drugs among minorities in the United States caused a dramatic growth in the prison population and poverty rate. The War on Drugs created ongoing institutional racism. The War on Drugs has resulted in an unintended consequence that led to poverty traps. Statistical evidence shows that there are more men that are incarcerated within the minority than any other race. Blacks and Hispanics are facing unfair treatment from the police, persuaded by prosecutors and cruel punishment by judges. The criminal justice system has put minorities of the United States into a state of mass imprisonment due to the War on Drugs. Racial barriers exist in the criminal justice system, when the proportion of a majority racial group controls the regulations and rules within the system are higher than the minority population group that is getting accused of the crime. Meaning the rich will still …show more content…
Harsh enforcement sanctions were created for minorities to get limited help from the government but easy access to prison. These polices only hinder the poor and allowing social and institutional inequality intensified under advanced capitalism. Poverty and high incarceration rates are developed around the advances of capitalism, and governance in urban areas. The lack of social services in urban areas constructs the poverty trap for minorities. The deep inequality in these urban settings causing poverty and crime to interlink. Local politics of difference are mobilized in ways that have important material consequences, including the kinds of investments pursued as well as imprisonment and access to social services (Bonds