Essay On The Importance Of Informed Consent

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What is the importance of informed consent?
Informed consent is a legal consent by a client who agrees with all the procedures and services and implemented for him by the social worker. Informed consent is Important because it is the agreement made between the counselor and the client by agreeing to disclose the information to a third party if needed.As a social worker it is important for me in the field as I must get informed consent from my client to share any information regarding the client, to other agencies or someone else in case of court order and also should inform the client that, only essential information would be disclosed to third party, if there is any court order for releasing the information. Only the client has the right to
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If the client refused to continue the counselling services it is the responsibility of the social worker to do several attempt to make the patient to understand the benefit of counselling and consequences of refusing those. Also counsellor should explain the limitation of confidentiality when electronic records and documentation, because it can be seen by other counselors in the agency. The counselor should make sure that patient clearly understand the importance of informed consent before getting it signed. Though obtaining informed consent is mandatory in the process of counselling, there is some exception in some cases such as emergency or patient gets violent. In such situation the information can be disclosed without getting informed consent from client for obtaining emergency treatment for the