Essay On The Journey To The Brothers Sara Tolsgaard

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Essay on The Journey to the Brothers’ Farm
A short story written by Pippa Gough

To find your personal fortune and real values in life you have to search. Many people have an idea that the outer values is the right and perfect values to all people. Instead of keep, searching for their personal fortune and destiny in life they just keep searching for the destiny they for the first instinct think is their destiny. In the short story The Journey to the Brothers’ Farm written by the British author Pippa Gough in 2013 this issue is represented.
The main character in this short story is a girl named Annelie. She lives on a farm called ‘Bloumeer Farm’ with her farther, her brother and her aunt, Das. Through the short story, Annelie is very
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After realizing her faith, everything she earlier thought was her faith, the brothers and the Veldpatt Farm, becomes a path.
The message of the short story is thought provoking to many people in the modern society full of technology and the social media. How we look, how we radiates and what we wear is certain values for most people, but what about the inner values? The massage of the short story may have something to do with the inner and outer values of human beings. In this short story, the black skinned people are in the lower rank in the hierarchy and the white skinned people are in the higher rank. This becomes clear when one of the three brothers says, “You’ve got to treat them like animals”. Through the story this view changes and suddenly it becomes clear who the real animal is: “but he was wild, like an animal”. This quote gives the impression the real animals is the ones with a lack of the inner values.
By writing the short story, The Journey to the Brothers’ Farm the British author Pippa Gough builds up an issue, which is relevant for many people in the modern society. The story deals with a person who has a hard time finding her personal fortune. By keeping search for this fortune, she suddenly finds that all what she in her earlier life thought was import turns to be her worst