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Comparative Essay
Shirley Jackson's lottery, in this article mentioned one of the three films, concise and express persistent traditional risk effectively. Within a few pages, reveals the traditional Jackson, time and ignore the bastardized, can cause unspeakable horror.
Short stories made clear that the lottery town was once a solemn ceremony. Old man Warner explained that there was a saying: "lottery in June, corn cooked fast '" do you know the first thing, we'll be eating stewed chickweed and acorns. ". The ceremony is believed to bring good harvest. However, overtime, its traditional shed or forgotten. ". A salute ceremony, is to grab the official who came up with the draw from the box in solve everyone to use, but also change over time, up to now, it is necessary for the official to everyone who came to say a word, "the commentator said. Even if the black box, lottery is the most sacred artifact" growth, poor every year, now it is no longer completely black was badly broken, with a side show the wooden instinctive quality, and in some places faded or stained. Readers what atrocities, the villagers felt uncomfortable, and you can easily choose to stop - Mr. Summers said, "I think we'd better get started, get this, so the company can get back to work. "
Here, the tradition has been broken under the weight of modern, but the villagers clinging to perform every year, because they are afraid of the future. "Although the villagers forgot ceremony, lost the original black box, but they still remember with a stone," the commentator said. In fact, old man Warner denounced has dissolved the lottery as a "pack of crazy fools" who is a path to rough set their villages. Warner, who is a reflection of the tradition of corruption, even urged people, because their stone Tessie Hutchinson: "come on, come on, everybody", he said. But it is the city itself is in rough, because they have surrendered, independent of the ceremony had already lost its meaning. By the end of the story, the reader think of the newly discovered guard for the sake of those who invoke the traditional tradition.
Instead of Mr. Jackson's story, Thornton Welder's teeth is the production of a good to human skin hope of victory. Wilder, wrote in the shadow of the second world war, with gloomy frivolous who believe that the end of the upcoming smelly to simulate criticism. "I don't know why we live. It is more likely to be death, Sabina complained. She complained that every hour is survival, human beings cannot finally won the struggle: "in life, we are in death, more real is never said a word", she said. The thought of not willing to give up, why do humans continue to endure, Sabina advises "not to inquire into why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it’s on your plate".
Yet humanity proves to be resourceful. George Antrobus, who on behalf of human ingenuity, trying to reinvent the wheel, the multiplication and beer, while Sabina complaints. Similarly, people survive ice age, the flood and war, every time they pick up myself. Fortune teller suggests death and reconstruction of the cycle is a part of human experience, she rebuked those who doubt Antrobus. "Some people will say:" let him drown. He is not worth keeping. Give up everything, "I can see it in your face, but you are wrong, let you doubt and despair to himself... also, they will be a narrow escape. The survival of a few. From destruction, total destruction," she said.
Herald a fortune-teller word in the third act, almost all apart of war. However, Antrobus family management after the disaster thrive; As the war was over, Mr Antrobus invented a "grass soup, don't give you have loose bowels. Similarly, Antrobus understand a unified humanity is the future of the game itself is better, he found a harmonic with Henry, although the stage direction described his son as "strong unreconcile evil". The ending of the play is a human confidence vote - think smelly hate to admit,