Essay On The Man Who Fell From The Stars

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The Man who Fell from the Stars

The stars had let go. The man was now falling. Falling fast and loudly for he was screaming as he went. This man was made from the stars. He was immortal and powerful and yet he was still frightened of the uncertainty of what awaited him below. Fear was an emotion the man had never experienced before and try as he would he could not stop feeling frightened of death. Suddenly, he felt water all around him. He fell with such velocity that he sank all the way to the bottom of the ocean, and it was a long way to the top. From the bottom of the ocean the man could see a strange object at the top of the water and when he finally broke the surface he saw that the object was in fact a beautiful silver tree that was floating in mid air. The tree itself was silver but there was gold dust everywhere, on every leaf of every branch and on every beautiful fruit that hung from those branches. The man longed to taste the fruit of the tree but he could not for the tree was not within his reach. The man knew he needed land so he could climb the diamond tree, so he brought up all the sand from the bottom of the ocean, dried it and thus created land. The man crawled unto the land, then climbed the tree and plucked off one golden fruit. The man them proceeded to bite the fruit and what he tasted was sensational. One bite would fill the man’s stomach for days on end and a whole fruit would probably last him a year. The man stayed on the island for 900 years, feasting on the fruit from the diamond tree and drinking the water of the ocean. But after 900 years of solitary confinement the man got lonely and decided to make himself a companion. The man cut his wrist and let his blood seep into the wet sand. As soon as his golden blood touched the damp sand an image of a woman appeared in front of him.
The woman was beautiful but she was sad. She was sad because she was a ghost. The man had not given her a life span when he created her so the universe decided she was already dead so it made her a thin image of what she could have been. The woman was sad but also angry. She was angry with the man because she wanted to live and he wasn’t letting her. So she tried to get the man to give her a soul and some years to live.
“ Hello good sir. I am the woman you have just created. I come from your golden blood and the wet sand that you are standing on right now. I am the daughter of the stars and the sand and here I stand before you, vulnerable and naïve because I do not have a soul. You have created me but you have not finished. I am merely an image floating in the air. I have no feelings, no emotions, not even the slightest glimpse of a heart beating in my chest. Please kind sir help me.”
The man did not know how to respond and just sat there in silence.
“What is your name sir?” the woman asked.
Whilst living on an island alone for 900 years the man hadn’t really thought of a title for himself and when asked for one he said the two words that came to mind:
“The Doctor”
“Doctor, you are immortal are you not?”
The Doctor nodded yes.
“So then spare me one hundred years of you life. Just give me one hundred years to live and I will accomplish many things for you Doctor. I will breed you two children, give you pure un salted water to drink and make you the happiest man you have ever been every second of your life.”
The Doctor immediately gave her 100 years of his life without question. The woman was now a person but still without a heart. Again without a second through the Doctor gave her one of his two hearts and silently followed the woman as she showed him the ways of the world. It seemed strange to him, how this woman knew more about the world he created than he did. But of course the Doctor did not speak his mind. Through out the years that the woman was with the doctor she had given him two children: Charlie and Georgia, gave him pure water to drink, but never made the Doctor happy. Instead she was