Essay On The Olympic Games

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1.0 Introduction
In 1997, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had announced that Athens has won the bid for hosting the 2004 Summer Olympic Games (Slack & M. Parent, 2006). The 2004 Athens Olympics had become the center of attention of the world after the announcement as Athens had successfully hosted the first modern Olympic in 1896. The Olympics were held for the period of 17 days from 13 of August to 29 of August in 2004. A total number of 11,099 athletes from 202 countries were competing for 301 medal events from 28 different sports (Floros, 2010). Undoubtedly, mega-sporting event like Olympics definitely would impact severely to the host city in both positive and negative effect.
2.0 Analyse the impact of the Olympic Games to the host communities
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The nation of Greek enjoys high prestige in the eyes of the world during the 2004 Athens Olympics event and the socialist believed that this prestige would able to deliver more benefits in term of economic, social and environmental (Karkatsoulis, Michalopulos & Moustakatou, 2005). The local communities feel proud as the first Olympic was took place in Greece also and they feel that they are part of it during the 2004 Athens Olympics.
2.4 Negative: Human Trafficking
According to the Greek Ministry of Public Safety, the human trafficking cases had increased and nearly doubled during the 2004 Athens Olympics (Keiholz, 2008). Due to the increasing of demand for sexual service during the Olympics period, huge number of women are smuggled into Greece and involved in the immoral transactions (Muelen, Durisin & Victoria, 2013). The argument was supported as traffickers were trying to smuggle extra two thousands women into Greece and 14,000 local women were forced to work in prostitution during 2004 Athens Olympics (Galpin, 2004).
2.5 Positive: Reimaging the