Essay On The Second Great Awakening

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The second great awakening was a protestant revival movement that started around the early 1800’s. This awakening restored light fundamental values along with brand new moral values. This movement stressed religious salvation through good deeds and tolerance, which attracted a good quantity of people, including; women and African Americans. The second great awakening prompted many religious movements and reforms that greatly affected American society. Ultimately, it will make the United States a more deeply Protestant nation more than it has ever been in history.
Prior to the second great awakening, religion did not show as strong of a presence in the united states. The second great awakening began in response to the growth and popularity of
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Reform movements were born from the second great awakening that will impact many Americans as history unravels. women's suffrage, Anti-slavery, and temperance sentiments rose from this movement. Women in the early 1800’s were especially drawn towards the second awakening movement because it offered rights towards women; furthermore, the Second Great Awakening included greater public roles for women. Known as the “cult of domesticity”, a result of the great awakening, women became a significant part of American society. This “cult” glorified the customary functions of the homemaker, and married women were praised for the power of controlling the morals in each household. Women inherited the role of the “moral teacher”; furthermore, as religion was revived, women took a more serious role in maintaining a “righteous” society. Many women embraced their new role of the moral protectors in America. however, many women combated this “cult of domesticity”, which prompted the women's rights sentiments for the first time in U.S history. In opposition to the cult of domesticity, the first women's rights movement occurred at the Seneca falls convention; which called both men and women to discuss the rights of