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Cast: David Gulpilil (the tracker), Gary Sweet (the fanatic), Grant Page (the veteran), Damon Gamon (the follower), Noel Wilton (the fugitive).
Director: Rolf De Heer (2002)
Synopsis: David Gulpilil stars as the Aboriginal tracker in the film ‘The Tracker’. In this film Rolf De Heer the director has maintained his film on three white men and an aboriginal tracker, that are in search of another aboriginal man that is accused of murdering a white women in daylight.
At the start at the film the fanatic (Gary Sweet) thought he was the top boss of the expedition, and that he could express his actions and racism toward the so called cannibals. The expedition was joined by the follower (Damon Gamon), the tracker (David Gulpilil), the veteran (Grant Page) and the fugitive (Noel Wilton).
This film was a great production with great a set and cast, the cast were affective throughout the film the fanatic was always saying how the Aboriginals were not trust worthy, There was many unknown plots and twists. The camera movements and angles used a lot of short shots and long shots which showed who had the power and who didn’t have power, short shots showed who had more power than all the rest and long shots show who has less power the tracker has no power at the start of the film. The Fanatic had the power at the start of the film and then by the end of the move the tracker had the power.
The Tracker (David Gulpilil) played a part where he was able to weigh up people and become the boss. He pretended he couldn’t swim and attempted to drown the fanatic (Gary Sweet). The tracker took his time to find the Fugitive (Noel Wilton) even though he knew where he was. The tracker (David Gulpilil) also hung the fanatic (Gary Sweet) because he was killing aboriginals that had done nothing and were innocent.
The Follower (Damon Gamon) was new to the force, he didn’t like the indiscrimination when the fanatic (Gary Sweet) was shooting the aboriginals that were innocent. He burnt his ukulele because he played it to the aboriginals before they were shot then hung. The follower (Damon Gamon) gave respect to the tracker and his skills.
The Veteran (Grant Page) lacked moral courage throughout the movie; he sat on the fence most of the time never to one side, when he apologized he never stood up. He got shot by an arrow and the fanatic (Gary Sweet) killed him while he was sleeping.
The fanatic (Gary Sweet) he was a hater and racist to the aboriginals, he was never nice to anyone. The Fanatic (Gary Sweet) always saw the aboriginals as savages. He never saw them as