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19 October, 2012 To kill a Mockingbird To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is an insperational book on racism, small towns and small town gossip. The most heart touching part of the story is the relationship between a single man and his two kids living on their own. However, these kids conception of their father changes through out the story as they find out things about their father that they didnt know. Jem is Atticus' oldest child. At the beggining of the book Atticus acts as if he is too old to do anything. He acts so old that he cant even play football with Jem and tells him that he's never shot a gun. But later on a conflict comes on where Atticus is forced to show Jem one of his hidden talents. A rabbid dog is running down the street they live. Atticus come with the sherrif of Macomb and shoots the dog straight in the head. Jem is astonished at this. Atticus does not believe in shooting; he believes that it is not something appropriate to learn, as guns are not toys. Scout is Atticus' youngest child. Atticus was Scout's main source of valuable lessons. She looked up to Atticus and had tremendous respect for him. She grew up fallowing his finger across the news paper while he read and this is how she learned to read. While he is defending tom robinson scout sees that her father is trying to defend the weak and hopless and this changes her perspective of him. Scout has grown and matured more than any other character. Through becoming more aware of the world around her, she learns to distinguish what is right and wrong. Respect of