Essay On Tom Sawyer Individuality

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Do you ever feel that your characteristics affect your lifestyle, mindset, and individuality? Your lifestyle is always changing and your mindset changes around certain ages and/or times. Individuality, is something different this how you are presented to the world, how people see you. Sometimes your characteristics do affect or way of life, process of thinking, and self. If you have ever read Tom Sawyer's adventures you would know that Tom is very mischievous boy, his characteristics affect his lifestyle because it gets him in a lot of trouble. His mindset is influenced by a lot of people and sometimes he doesn't seem like a normal person, he thinks to do things that are more imaginary. His way of individuality, as people see him, is very different than today's world he is more adventurous and outspoken a lot of people see him as a mysterious, wild child. Toms way of life is different than ours. He tends to do thing that doesn't make …show more content…
His mischief and other adventures running through his mind get him in a lot of trouble. “I’m going to make her believe all that rubbish about the dream, when I and behold you she’d found out from Joe you was over here and heard all the talk that night,” pg. 130,at this part of the story, Tom is getting in trouble for his lying, because that adventure got him in trouble, by making him tell lies about his dreams. Tom’s adventure do a lot more then just get him in trouble sometimes they break relationships. “Then Tom turned coolly away, and still talking, and took Amy with him. Becky’s lips trembled and tears came to her eyes,”pg. 126. He broke his relationship with a very good friend and it comes as a lesson to him and changes his lifestyle and they way he treats others in the end. Everything he does always comes and teaches him a thing or two about friendship, adventure, and love, this changes his lifestyle and the way he sees