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Tuesdays With Morrie
Reflection: Money
Morrie speaks of how we've put our values in the wrong things. He believes that doing so has led to us leading disillusioned lives. Mitch and Morrie talk about Morrie's opinions. Morrie touches on the want versus need problem in our society. He talks about living an actual meaningful life. I agree wholeheartedly with the ideas Morrie has. I haven't really realized just how much money controls my life until I read this chapter of the book. I don’t want my mindset to be that of thinking that money equals happiness, or that money is everything, but I'm afraid it already is. I want to listen to the words of Morrie, and enjoy the simple things, the ones that create true joy. I already feel as if the more you stop caring about getting materialistic things, the freer you are; you seem more easy going and things come together. Mitch notes that Morrie always gained the most satisfaction from laughing, smiling, and dancing. I do feel that there does have to be a balance, otherwise, you wouldn't be able to make a living. I wish life was all about enjoyment. I feel that the "brainwashing" Morrie declares is going on, is still happening and maybe even a lot worse than it was, a decade ago, when the book was written. If Morrie was already disgusted with our country, I hate to imagine what he'd think now. It's difficult to not substitute money and objects for love and emotions. Especially when it's what everyone else does. It’s hard to separate