Essay On Veterans Reintegration

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Veterans Reintegration Program
With many military members returning to civilian life adjustment can be demanding and challenging. During the reintegration period veterans face a variety of issues from creating a new structure within their daily lives to finding a job. Not all veteran’s problems can be resolved, but by assigning a social worker to every veteran and offering on-the-job training with a federal or state employer it is a step in the right direction. Reintegration process has come a long way from previous years, but there are still issues that need to be addressed to help veterans settle back into civilian life.
As a service member transitions back to civilian life there are many things that can make the switch difficult, from finding a place to live, looking for a job and adjusting to a new community. For veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, serious medical injuries and substance abuse the transition becomes even more problematic. One way to make sure a transition is successful is to assign every veteran a social worker. Before veterans transitions into
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The key to an effective transition is for veterans to be offered on-the-job training in federal or state jobs. On-the-job training would give veterans with first hand experience of learning a new job, receiving proper guidance, and sustaining long-term employment. According to Rob Wormly, “employees who are given on-the-job training are more committed to your business. They are also happier, and 30 percent are more excited about their work“. Working within federal or state sector provides a comfortable salary, great work/life balance and endless opportunities to move within an organization. Veterans have served and sacrificed to keep the nation safe, securing an on-the-job training is the key to a successful transition from military to civilian