Essay On Veterinarian Career

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Vetertinarian Career
"I do not care if an animal is capable of reasoning. I just know that it is layers of suffering and therefore I consider it my neighbor"( Ellen DeGeneres) We as humans have an obligation to care for, respect and love of defenseless beings. In this case, animals. Animals are more important than many people think. However many people abuse the weakness of those who can not defend themselves. On the other hand also there are many people who love the animals so they dedicate their life loving and taking care of them. Animal lovers could pay any price as long as their pets have a healthy life. For this reason Veterinarians specialize in addressing the science and art of preventing and curing animal diseases.
Many animals are in danger of extinction because they can not establish themselves in new environments and the lack of medical care. Animals are beings that
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Others travel to farms, work in laboratories or classrooms, or work for the government. Many times they travel where they are called, when it comes to emergencies the veterinarian goes where necessary. In the case of veterinarians who travel with bobinon, they travel to farms or ranches to have control of all the animals that are in those areas. Breeders who transport animals every two years or sometimes more, need to have healthy animals to pass them, this includes vaccination and ncare to be able to transport them. When it comes to a farm where animals are transported to the meat care must be extremely more followed.( veterinarian is responsible for controlling the health of animals so that at the time of slaughter the meat is not infected with any disease and thus not infecting consumers. If an animal that is going to be exported ill, the veterinarian attends to it and it berifies that there are no more animals infected. In many cases veterinarians have fun at work, because of the pranks of many of their