Essay On Video Game Addiction

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Did you know that nearly 8.5% of children in the United states are addicted to video gaming. Video game habits have been going on for two decades. Video game addiction damages the human brain much more than we think. Going on in these next paragraphs I will tell you the damages this addiction can cause.

Video games became popular in the 1980’s and has been used as a popular source of entertainment since. Video games attracts us to a fantasy world that lets us be the winner or a hero of our own story. The games release a chemical called dopamine that makes us feel good while playing video games. In the article , “Video Games Aren't Addictive”, Gray Matter, says , “Those that produce and respond to the neurotransmitter dopamine, are involved in just about any pleasurable activities having sex, enjoying a nice conversation eating food, reading a book, and using meth” [ paragraph 4] . This dopamine chemical makes us feel good when we are involved in pleasurable activities like video games. We turn to activities like gaming because they
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When gaming first became popular you never heard of an addiction to a Pac-Man or a Galaga Machine. This didn't become common until new technologies changed the whole platform of gaming. In this generation every common person owns or has used a console to play a game. The more we give access to kids the more vulnerable they will be to an addiction. We didn’t see this in the past because you saved your money to go to a arcade instead of waking up and your console being right their connected to your Television. In the article “When Video Games become an Addiction”, Will Worley, says, "A risk factor for addiction is access," he says. "It's really hard to get addicted to drugs if you can't get them ”[paragraph 8] . He explains how we are the people at fault to the children's addiction because we are supplying them with the technology used to play the