Essay On Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

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Should students put their bodies and their future health on the line for free? The topic of college athletes getting paid has been around for many years due to the fact that these students are playing these sports that require a lot of their time whether practice, team meetings, or just travelling to the game itself, but these different sports put you at risk to injuries whether serious or not, whether long term or short term, these college athletes give all they have and some of them feel like they aren’t truly appreciated.
In many cases of injury especially permanent injuries universities can decrease or even eliminate scholarships so basically college athletes are just thrown away by the athletic department. Many college athletes leave
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Many say that collegiate athletes shouldn’t be paid because that’s not the college’s main function, its main function is to educate. Colleges feel like they’re not hiring entertainers but they giving college athletes the opportunity that many people won’t get the opportunity to get and that’s a college degree. Many people also believe that paying college athletes will put many considerations in jeopardy such as students making decisions based on payment amount instead where they have the best opportunity to succeed in every aspect of college life.
Some say that student athletes say that college athletes should be paid but not by a system of salaries but paying them by increasing scholarships or give them an academic scholarship to cover the gap of what the “full-ride” scholarship doesn’t pay. Others say that if the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) drop the title as the overseer of amatuer sports then paying college athletes wouldn’t be a problem at all. People say that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is using the “amateurism” name to legally justify them not compensating