Essay On Why Did Rome Fall

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Rome started as an mediocre and undistinguished city in Italy. As it conquered more land for resources and for pride, it expanded vastly. The Roman Empire reigned over 20% of the world's inhabitants at its highest peak under Emperor Hadrian’s rule. But with expansion came innumerable difficulties until it became too much trouble and caused Rome declined. Rome’s conditions grew worse as deplorable, corrupted emperors reigned over the once-thriving empire. Living arrangements were harsh for everyone other than the wealthy. There were disputes within the army and the government. A fine line was beginning to be drawn between the poor and the rich. Numerous diverse factors contributed to the fall of Rome, but three factors that affected Rome the …show more content…
First, an inconsiderable amount money was used for wars, which left farmland barren. Also, latifundia, or farmland used to grow crop and other resources for profit, grew. On these flat plains worked slaves, meaning free labor. Wages decreased greatly. Farmers and other laborers unsuccessfully tried to look for work on the farms, and when they were not able to, they moved to the cities, hindering a crowd of unemployed citizens who were impoverished. The need for food and entertainment compelled poor citizens to support any Emperor who promised to give them these desiderata. Inflation occurred, raising prices and decreasing the value of money. Everyday necessities were approaching unaffordable, which impacted middle class and lower class citizens greatly.
Last, social factors also contributed to the pool of constituents as to why Rome fell. In the midst of all these dilemmas, famine and disease were present especially within cities. An exorbitant bulk of the citizens lived in dangerous, cramped and smelly housing. Most people lived in tiny homes called “insulae” which were considered some of the first apartment buildings. They were badly built and few had running water, sanitation, or heating. Since they were constructed from wood and brick, they were dangerously vulnerable to fire or