Essay On Why Soccer Is Important To Me

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When i was little, about 9 years old, i played soccer at my school. My friend played for a team that was better than mine so I worked as hard as i could to better my game. I practiced everyday i played with my brother in my backyard just shooting over and over again. I spent countless hours outside working on bettering my soccer skills. When gameday finally came i felt that i was as ready as i would ever be, i was so confident i thought i could play in the world cup. I saw my friend on the field and i told him good game. During the game the coach decided to sub me out halfway through the first half. He kept me out of the game until we were losing 3-1 with 3 mins left in the game. I thought well if i at least score one goal i'll show my coach …show more content…
At the end of the game the coach talked to us to cheer us up but all i could think about is letting myself down and not being able to score during the limited time they gave me. The assistant coach handed us our trophies that said good game on them. I didn't understand what they were for, i didn't play to my full potential and we lost the game i looked around and everyone was showing off their trophies to their parents like if they had earned them. I saw my parents walking down the field to see me and instead of explaining the reason for getting a trophy, which i had none, i just set it down under the bench and walked over to them without talking about it. They obviously tried to cheer me up by saying i played well and they saw me almost score and i remember i looked at them and said almost never counts as anything. I don't believe that everyone should get a trophy because people should not be awarded for things they didn't do. Trophies and awards should be won not just given away. People are hard wired that they are entitled to something just for showing up and being themselves. It's not fair for those who really work on things and try to better