Essay On Wild Heart

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Hello everyone my name is Harry and today I will talking to you about my picture construction on the book wild heart, wild heart is a picture book by Isobelle Carnody and Steven Woolman and is about a boy that can read the thoughts of animals by touch. Wild heart comes from the name of an eagle in the book. The page I have created continues the main idea of the book. Today I will show you the dominant image, the colour, the setting and the composition.
The first important element is dominant image, the dominant image on the picture is the eagle, and the reason for this is because it’s in the dead centre of the page and because it is quite large on the page. This is to influence the fact that the boy is free and wild heart is trapped because she is royal and she isn’t allowed to. The outcome of this was successful as wild heart is seen in his eyes and suggests that she might need freedom as well.
The next technique used is colour; colour consists of the positioning and the brightness in the page. In this page the colour is focused in wild hearts face where all the colour is but on the outside it is blank. This is to add effect to the image and make the main point stronger. This is achieved and connects with another technique setting.
The third element is setting; the setting is the foreground and background of the image. The background on the page is a plane white colour surrounding heart. The effect of this is a feeling of confinement and being trapped by nothing. This is