Essay On Women's Rights In The 1700s

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Women´s Rights in the 1700s Throughout America´s history, many brave men and women fought for the rights that America has now. In the seventeen hundreds women were very mistreated. They fought for their rights even though society said things would never change. Women had the same taxes so why did they not have the same rights as men? Women in the seventeen hundreds had less rights than men but, they still played a vital role in history.
Women were thought less of because of their gender. They were restricted to certain degrees in college (Salmon). Their legal rights depended on if they were married (Salmon). Women could not hold any political positions or participate in political debates (¨Abigail Adams...¨). Women were even mistreated in their homes (Anderson XIII). A quote from Laurie Anderson´s Chains said by Becky, a slave in the home of Madam Lockton says ¨She stopped as Madam cried out in pain, ‘The master likes to be Obeyed’” (Anderson XIII). This showed that men not only wanted to be in control in the government, but also in the household. Many men thought it was okay to treat women like this. Discrimination
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They didn't have the rights that the men had but they overcame this challenge in many different ways. Some used their social status to push for women’s rights. Abigail Adams was not afraid to debate with her husband about politics (“Abigail Adams…”). Mary Katherine Goddard, a patriotic newspaper publisher, spread news of an event that started the American Revolution (Casey 24). Other women ignored stereotypes and took active roles in helping with the Revolution. Lydia Darragn was a spy for the american troops during the war (Casey 63). Dicey Langston warned patriot malitia soldiers about an upcoming attack from the british (Casey 82). Those are just a few of the many women who made impacts in the seventeen hundreds. Therefore, many women had vital roles in the success of the American