Essay On Worldview

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The first part of this article, Al-Attas mentioned about people nowadays tend to define the worldview is the view of physical world and man’s historical, social, and cultural involvement because of the influenced of secularism. Then, according to him the true worldview is based on the Islamic worldview, which is the worldview that encompasses the worldly (al-dunya) and hereafter (al-akhirah) in which dunya aspect must be related in a profound and inseparable way to the akhirah aspect and in which akhirah aspect has ultimate and final significance. This article provide the new solution to identify the true worldview for people nowadays to identify it. Furthermore, Al-Attas also mentioned about the vision of Islam is based on the reality and truth. This statement is the most important part of this article. So, he stated that Islamic worldview will not change by time as this worldview is based on the truth …show more content…
While huriyyah is a condition between many alternatives. Basically this freedom in Islam is based on their principles virtues which are the true iman and faith. Al-Attas also argued about the concept of happiness that understand by Islam and Western. Westren thought that happiness is relating only to this world and that is an end in itself as understand by Aristotelian. While according to Al-Attas happiness in Islam, there is no end of happiness, it is not limit in the world only but also in the hereafter. According to him happiness can arise while the muslims have submitted themselves to Allah and always asking for His guidance. The last part of this article is the conclusion that made by Al-Attas. According to him genuine Islam can be related to value and virtue, the mode of conduct of the muslims as well as their thought and faith as their way of life. He also mentioned about philosophical program nowadays consist of ideology that focus on global