Essay On Year Round School

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Many people think that students that attend year around school have to attend school longer since they don't get summer off, but that's not true. Students who attend year around school have the same same amount of school days as the traditional school schedule. The only difference between the two is that a year around school is spread out more evenly throughout the entire year. And because the students have school year around they are better academically because they don't have a three month break and don't forget all the information that they learned during the school year.
There are several positive aspects of year round schooling. First, it definitely benefits the students the most. Instead of having to review all the information acquired in the previous year, it is retained because there are only a short breaks rather than a long three month break. With this in mind, our
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This would affect affect everyone involved in the school especially the students and the teachers. It would affects the students because some people have plans that take up all of summer such as vacations, camps or even jobs. And for most kids summer is like the holy grail and they look forward to it all year and year round school would take that away and really disappoint many students. Year round school would also have a big impact on teachers. Teachers would have to change their whole lesson plans to fit the new schedule. Many teachers also look forward to summer so they can relax and enjoy time with their friends and families while their off.But many people dont think about how this would affect the schools.It woud cost a lot more money to run the schools if students and staff were to be there all year round. They would have to run the air more and the teachers and students might be at the school more often. Year round school isn't all positive there are some downsides to this different