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Theodore Roosevelt once said “believe you can, because you are halfway there.” That is exactly what Zoë did and she takes that with her through her journey. Leaving your homeland behind for a greater opportunity is a hard decision. I know this because I experienced that. For an amazing person like my classmate Zoë to leave her country and came to America to pursued her dream which is to be a great Actress. It was hard for Zoë because not only she has to leave her country to accomplish her dream but she did it.but also she had to start over with a new culture which has new language. She is Ecuadorian which is a tropical country she came to U.S, New Jersey where the climate change. When she came to U.S she thought things will be easier but it was not, it was very hard for her to accomplish that dream of hers. She has to learn a new language, and adapt to the new culture. she has to work and study hard. She could not start with her career right away without learning English. She has to accept the climate change. Therefore Zoe has struggle physically, emotionally and mentally before her success. Zoe went through good and bad things in life but those bad things did not kept her away from her dream. During those bad moments in her life since she was young she dreams of winning an Oscar.only remembers the good and the reason she was here in the first place which is to win an Oscar one day. Winning this Oscar meant a lot to her and on her behalf I am very proud to say that she