Essay on a Radical Republicans and Abraham Lincoln

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Imagine coming home after endless years of fighting in the bloodiest war America has

ever known, to nothing. If you lived in the North, not only did you win the war, but you still had

your home. So Lincoln's solution to the problems in the South was reconstruction. Although

Lincoln and the Radical Republicans shared some views after the war, they ultimately

disagreed on the handling of reconstruction.

Abraham Lincoln's way of reconstructing the South was through amnesty. He felt

forgiveness was the best way to bring the South back. Lincoln believed slavery should be

abolished in America. After the North won the Civil War, he wanted all the land to be given back

to the South. Lincoln believed ten percent of each southern state should have to say a pledge to

reunify with the North. Although Lincoln freed the slaves he did nothing about their rights.

The Radical Republicans felt the South would rebel again unless they enforced harsh

punishments, so that's what they had planned. They wanted to not only free blacks, but give

them civil rights. Instead of giving the land back the South, they believed it should be given to

the slaves. The Radical Republicans felt blacks were equal to whites, so they should be entitled

to the same political rights, freedom, and opportunities. Radical Republicans believed fifty

percent of each Southern state has to say a pledge to reconvene with the U.S.A. Radical

Republicans wanted the South to be punished for their attempt to rip the U.S. apart.

Although Lincoln and the Radical Republicans had clashing opinions, they desired the