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Jadeane Jones
Mr. Jobe
CCR 092
September 15, 2014
Radiology Technician

Choosing to become a radiology technician started when I was once in the seat of a patient. Seeing all the equipment around me, how fascinating it was. Looking around, observing my environment, made me feel scared and confused. Not knowing why I had to have a big heavy vest in front of my body while they take an x-ray, or why I had to lay on this moving bench while a big machine was over my head to take a CAT scan, was all a part of my confusion. Although I felt so scared and confused, I remember how the technician in the room made me feel, as she talked me through the steps and explained to me what she was about to do, she kept me reassured that I was going to be fine. It was a terrible situation I was physically in, but a great feeling to know I was in good hands. A year ago, in January, I was feeling sick for two straight weeks. I would constantly get these unexplainable migraines, which followed from having blurred vision, then numbness on the whole right side of my body, then lead to feeling dizzy, which eventually went from dizzy to having this awful migraine. It continued almost every day, once a day, I forced myself to stay strong for myself and my kids while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. Till one day, the symptoms happened at home while I was getting ready for work, and my kids in the other room playing. I started to get blurred vision, then suddenly the numbness started to occur on the right side of my body, I tried to sit down, but as soon as I realized what was going on I got dizzy and passed out. I had hit my head on the counter while I fell from losing consciousness. From what I felt the length of time it took to gain consciousness was about two minutes. As soon as I got back up on my feet, I called my best friend Gregoria to give me a ride to the hospital. Gregoria came, we gathered my kids and collected our necessities, then headed to the hospital. I was seen by a doctor in the emergency room, which led me to get the x-ray and CAT scan procedures done. Walking into the x-ray room, still feeling dizzy from the bump on my head, along with being scared and confused was something I never thought I would experience all at the same time. The radiology technician had smiled and introduced herself with a warm welcome, while she shut the door. The room was cold and not very well lit, I was afraid, it was my first time to enter a room like this. As the technician explained what she was doing, she kept a brief conversation with me to keep the focus off my surroundings. We started with the procedure of the x-ray, she gave me the big heavy vest, as she explained to me that the vest was to help protect me from getting too much radiation that may cause health defects in the future, then she took