Essay Outline For The Chrysalids

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In the community, there is a lot of people that judge others by their appearance and there action without knowing them.John Wyndham, the author of the novel The chrysalids uses a wise character named uncle axle, the author and uncle axle both think that people has to start accepting people by there personality and not by their physical appearance.The author is stating not to prejudge people thru Uncle Axle, this is showened thru the conflict between the groups ,pros and cons of being open minded and ready for changes, and why not to prejudge.


being open minded helps you change the way you view the world, in the novel the sealand accept everyone and accept other point of view which makes them successful.

A.)Uncle Axle proves to the reader that he accept people for who the really are and not by their appearance
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(Uncle Axle tells him not to speak what he think because your father will find out of your deviation)

C.)Uncle Axle doesn't fully believe in the ways of the waknukions and prefers to accept people by there personality

it is useless to prejudge or assume because you become very narrow minded and not accepting. In the novel the waknukions assumes that the there is not suppose to be any mutant and that they should be banned if ever existed.

A.)the waknukions society assumes that their religion is the right one and Joseph thinks that when u say something that a mutant may have it brings the devil to there house
(start stipping when he hears his son say he wished he had a 3 hand)

B.)Joseph lives by the religion and exclude everyone that is not the norm
(sended his brother to the fringes and caused the death of Aunt