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Many very significant events occurred during the progressive and imperialistic eras. The USA had reforms passed that promoted equality; reforms that bettered working conditions in the factories that were popping up everywhere; even reforms that promoted education of the kids, whether the kids were immigrants or of American Descent. Throughout this time period we also spread the noble and just idea of democracy all across the world. We helped free nations like the Philippines and the Panamanians. In addition to all of those terrific accomplishments was the fact that we spread or intellect to less sophisticated natives that had previously occupied this territory. With all of these accomplishments, America should be mostly proud of its legacy despite the few mistakes it had made in its journey to rising as a world power in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
When one looks at all of the events in the era of imperialism it can very easily be determined that what activities we participated were to benefit as many people as was possible. According to (DOC 1 CITE PART THING)” All that this country desires is to see the neighboring countries stable, orderly, and prosperous”. This makes it simple to understand that America tried to better more than just itself; That America was after the betterment of all. That America was looking after the best interests of its neighbors. Furthermore (CITE FOR DOC 2) “The United States cannot act upon the ancient heresy that might makes right...When the white man governs himself, that is self-government”. This sentiment is one shared among almost all the civilians of United States. It had to be shared by almost everone, after all it is the very basis of America itself. That all men should be free, and that all men are equal, and that we are all entitled to a government which looks after our best interests. Theses ideals which are acknowledged in the very beginning of the constitution. Since we were not looking to simply take over and control a population we must have been looking to aid them, and help them understand our beliefs. Lastly as illustrated (CITE DOC 5) we were a source of good when we moved the wild unsettled Indians. Unless, of course, someone believes that new technology exemplified as carts for transport, and as cables bearing electricity, could be a bad thing. Not to mention our more advanced knowledge in academic subject matter as illustrated by the book held by the angel. Mr. Gasts illustrations clearly have an overarching feeling of good to them, of rightness. In addition to these marvelous achievements reforms were being made in order to better the daily lives of Americans as well.
The sum of the events during the era of progressivism indubitably outweighs any of the minor bad things that may have occurred. Events such as the ratification of the 19th amendment which gave women the hard earned right to vote, an amendment which reads “. The right of the citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” This shows the culmination of all the long hours and hard work that countless women suffragists put forth so that they would get a say in their lives just like men fought for back when the colonies had decided that they would split from Great Britain and become America. It shows how Americans got over stereotypes that had been around for centuries to recognize the truth that women really were the equals of men. Not just that but according to a chart detailing the percentages of child laborers in the 1890’s to the 1920’s a 6.8 percent drop was reported. This drop shows that reforms to prevent overworking of children are working and that wage reforms were also beginning to take effect as two parents must support the family instead of two parents and three or four kids. And finally as reported by an excerpt from an ACT TO ESTABLISH A NATIONAL PARK SERVICE (ORGANIC ACT), 1916 “That there is hereby