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The projects ultimate goal is to make sure a company has enough room for their growing company. The company is expanding rapidly and is needing more room for all the agents that they are hiring for their call center. The company is looking into two different options that they could potentially do to benefit their growing company. There are different challenges that the project will encounter. The first challenge will be trying to figure out exactly what way will best benefit them for their expansion. Currently the building the company is in is also occupied by multiple different companies. The company is on the 3rd floor and they share with another company who is also large and takes up the whole first floor of the building and also part of the second and third floor. In order for the company to expand in the building they are at the other company and the building owners would have to come with an agreement to have them move. Part of the challenge with taking over more the building as well is reconstructing the building to what the company needs and giving the company the best use out of the space that they are renting. Another challenged for this project is moving to a new building where the company would have enough room to expand. The problem with moving to a new building would be making sure that the call center would still be up and running without any business interruptions during the move. Another challenge that could potentially face this project would be what the different costs are for each option that the company has and if the company wants to model their building as their corporate office does in another state to make sure that all business align and have the same feel for all visitors that visit both offices.
Vision and Mission Statements for the Project
Once the project is complete with either way the company decides to expand can mean that the company can hire like they need without worrying about running out of space to put their corporate employees and their employees for their call center. Also with expanding the office can be condensed into just having one kitchen (the office currently has 3 different kitchens which employees can use), which can save on the energy bill, but also it gives all the employees from different departments the chance to interact with each other, chances that they may normally not get with having separate kitchens all of the office. The project is in place to make the office resemble more of their corporate office out of state and to help the company expand to make sure that they have the space to put new employees that are hired. Since each new hire class for the company consists of about 10-12 employees each month (just for the call center), the expanding team needs to make sure that the area that they are going into is going to have enough space for this for a couple years, to avoid having to do another expansion the next year. The project team to help make sure that they are expanding enough is to make sure to get a number of people from each department that they plan on hiring for the next 3 years. That would give the project team a good idea of how many space the company is going to need to be able to have space for all of the current employees and all the new employees the company plans on bringing on.
The Project’s Key Goals and Objectives
The goals of the project are to make sure that the company has enough room that they need to expand within the next couple of years while the company is still growing at a significant rate. The company is expanding at such a rapid rate, that they currently don’t have room to put the employees that they need to hire. An objective for the project is that the expansion needs to be significant enough that the company does not have to think about doing another expansion for at least another 3 years after the expansion is completed. Another goal of the expansion is to make sure that the office resembles their corporate office