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Monique R
Rishi Ramnath
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13 December 2013
Checking Into an Institution
One thing about life that we all can expect, is the fact that we know that we will all grow old. We are all born as infants, tiny babies that no nothing of speaking words, how to walk, or do much of anything on our own. Our parents are the ones that make sure that we receive all we need, and help us to walk, talk, and eventually take care of ourselves. With time comes age, we go from being taken care of, to taking care of ourselves. The older you get, the more you start to have to rely on others to help take care of you once again. The parents that raised you are gone, and our own children are the ones we find ourselves turning to for help. Then they are faced with the decision of taking care of their parents are putting them in a home.
When we leave the nest that we know as home, our independence is gained. You begin life on your own, find that special someone to share it with and start your own family. When your parents become too old that they can longer take care of themselves, it’s hard on everyone involved. Most children are too overwhelmed with their own everyday life to take on another responsibility like taking care of a grown adult and changing their diaper. It is an emotionally difficult task you will encounter in the course of living your life. It causes tremendous guilt, to have feelings of selfishnes and thoughts that you are an uncaring person. (Reitman) Taking care of your elderly parents can be exhausting, and certainly has its ups and downs.
Putting your elderly parents into a nursing home is an option. There are many different types of facilities available. The toughest decision is deciding to put them in long term care, and then finding a relaible and friendly provider to take care of your loved one. There is some factors that you should recognize before coming to this decision. The severity of the elderly persons health. A person with dementia, or that is bed written might require a lot more time than the workers at the hospice center are willing to give. In the same hand, it might be too much for you to deal with as well.
The experts at Oregon State University came up with a booklet for the families of those that must move to nursing homes. The best time to talk about the need for a nursing home, is before the need arises. (Schmall) Life for many can be hard to deal with and then adding the responsibility of taking care of an elder grand parent may be very overwhelming. When you no longer can take care of your elderly parent,