Essay: Personal Narrative For Enrolling In College Composition

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My motive for enrolling in College Composition was to become a stronger writer. Through the duration of this semester, my goals were to develop basic skills such as knowledge of linguistic structures, how to develop a thesis, and the organization of ideas. Throughout high school, I have always struggled with those aspects of writing, especially with linguistic structures such as grammar and punctuation. Therefore, I am glad the class had a primary focus on grammar and composition. Additionally, I was nervous about enrolling in a class that is all about writing because I am an avid procrastinator. However, an abundant of class time was devoted to drafting time, which in turn helped ease my nervousness.

Over the course of this semester, I feel I have made good progress in the development of my writing. Writing in various modes such as personal narrative, expository, analytical, descriptive, and argument, has provided me with a magnitude of experience. By writing in various modes, I improved on creating a thesis statement that suggests the focus of a paper. Additionally, I learned the importance of transitions in writing. For example, in the memory book assignment, transitions were essential to create cohesion. Implementing these aspects have helped me develop stronger essays.
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Throughout this semester, working through many stages of drafting was required. Peer editing was apart of the drafting process. Through peer editing, good group skills were developed. I learned how to give useful feedback. Furthermore, I learned how to make use of the feedback I received. Additionally, the phases of writing help combat procrastination. By having due dates for drafts, this helped me stay productive. Implementing these writing phases in college will be beneficial to