Case Study Based On A Family Suspected Of Developing Dementia

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Outline project
To achieve this MHMI higher, I reviewed a case study based on a family dealing with a member suspected of developing dementia. To finish this project successfully I produced a plan, researched information on legislation, attitudes and provision relevant to dementia and completed course units. I developed and structured my work and produced a report that helped me understand the family’s feelings and needs. 64
Review the case study including:
This planning was effective in relation to the timescale as I was able to set out deadlines and pace myself ensuring I had time to reflect. However after class discussion the deadlines were revised. My work was completed and on time: to the first timescale. This gave me extra time to review my work and change if I felt I could enhance my report.
Aims and objectives were done to enable me to pass the higher; however I did find this section interesting and made me think how I would actually achieve my aim instead of it being an automatic action, common sense really. I feel I met all my aims and objectives apart from book research as it was too easy to gather information from the internet also interviews were very informative.
Research based report
This section gave me a greater understanding of what provisions were available through community care and how this has enhanced lives. How the service user is center focus.
Legislation on the other hand was difficult to grasp re government documents however several sites offered the information in “Layman’s terms” allowing the general public a good understanding of the mental health acts, and benefits available.
Public attitude has changed but feel it needs to come a long way yet after reading reports through my internet searches. Was happy to see how many high profile individuals are highlighting dementia; to one day this will be spoken of as cancer is.
Resource’s in this subject was overwhelming to the fact you felt you were drowning in formation so was hard to pinpoint the most relevant.
Through this section I was a little confused with referencing the internet.
Case study report
Being Robert was easy, I spoke to my father regarding his emotions and thoughts, his acceptance or not that my grandmother was showing signs of dementia. However the CPN was more like going through a tick list after discussion with a former CPN for me this was a detached role. After spending the past year at college gaining an in-depth knowledge of care and the needs of individuals with dementia I am quite confident I fulfilled Mary and Jacks needs both physically and emotionally. During In placement I was able to observe individuals in first stages of dementia this improved my understanding on a basic level e.g. from one week to the next this lady had forgot whether she liked tea or coffee, on a cold day she came in without a jacket then when she left she couldn’t understand why she would of left without a jacket. Yes this experience helped with case study.

Conclusions and recommendations (Exam)
Was apprehensive prior to the exam, had enough information in my 200 words. However once the exam started with my gained knowledge over the past year and the key words I felt I was confident with the work I produced. I was very aware of the time scale and hoped I would have enough time to complete. The word count for the exam put me under tremendous pressure and this effected my concentration as was so frightened I didn’t go over and fail. I feel this was undue pressure as within a 2 hour period you could only write so much. I answered this question previously and kept my word count down and practiced handwriting this a few times to get my speed up. I would recommend