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Biology questions
I’ve spent half of my life living in Vietnam and the rest here in the U.S. Everybody always talks about how I would have a better life here in the US rather than in VN. It’s hard to disagree with that, but I still fantasize the day I get to go back and relive all of my past memories. I was born in the loud city of Saigon, Vietnam. It’s where I had the fondest memories of my childhood. From the morning breeze to my friend’s smiles in the school yard, everything is still very alive. One day I hope to do an international teaching program in Saigon for a year or two. I love the kids and I love my homeland, I thought why not have both. The main reason why I chose marine biology is because it sounds like the most interesting out of all of the sciences. I also heard that there are a lot of fieldtrips that are require for the class. My favorite subject so far is learning the different kingdom and phylum and discovering animals in the sea that I’ve never heard of. When studying I also lean toward Youtube to put a face on many of the animals mentioned in the book, class, and lab. As I get into the more I learn about the interesting life of marine animals, and I’m really enjoying it. My major right now is human development. I’m hoping one day to become an elementary school teacher. I can use all of the interesting things that I’ve learn about the different fishes and marine mammals to teach to my kids. Kids love interesting facts about interesting animals in the sea,