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Marium Malik
Mohawk Bridge Contest Written Report

Description of Design Obstacles
Where do I begin? It all started when I entered into the classroom and Mr. Scott introduced the mechanical side of the class the Mohawk Popsicle bridge contest. At the moment it seemed like an easy simple task to complete. Just to create a bridge on the program, inventor which is an application to draw, built shapes/figures into 2D or 3D models. Then you would just have to build it in an actual 3D form with a group. I have to say that the designing process was much simpler than the construction process. I was already introduced to inventor so it wasn't very difficult to use but I did learn new techniques from it. Such as making a 2D drawing of your sketch by clicking the open folder and scrolling down to drawing.
First of all when designing the bridge I had to keep in mind the measurements and weight so it would not exceed the requirements. It was difficult to decide the width and lengths of the bridge since too much or too less popsicles would result it to break and not work out. I had difficulties in creating the “V” since the dimensions were off and it wasn’t fitting in. But with the help of Mr. Scott that problem was resolved.
In the end, the 3D model of the bridge seemed very well done and I was pleased with how it turned out to be even though I had some difficulties along the way.

Description of Construction Obstacles

During the construction process my group and I were in a lot of pressure since the bridge was due in a few days and we barely (not even) had quarter of the bridge completed. It was very difficult to cut and shape the popsicles at precise measurements since it is very simply for the popsicles to break in half. Some of the