Essay The Great Gatsby

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Jasmine Givens-Dean
English 3 Hour
31-October 2014

Modern day Americans are different then past Americans. Attitudes of Americans have changed. The attitudes have changed because the “Dream” is diverse. The Great Gatsby does not adequately reflect the American Dream.
Everyone has a dream. In the book The Great Gatsby the American Dream revolves around money. Money is very important on an Americans image at this period of time. One of the main characters was Daisy. She loved her husband Tom, but she also loved Gatsby. There was a big difference in “old” money and “new” money. Gatsby was new money, and Daisy was old money so because of that, if people would have found out about Daisy and Gatsby, her image would have been ruined. When comparing the American Dream to then and now, it makes me think of Wendy Williams. A lot of people may not know her but she worked her way up and even though she’s “up” now, she still married someone who wasn’t as wealthy. Her husband is neither old money nor new money. In Wendy’s relationship with him, money did not matter, it was love that mattered. Old money and new money are titles so the book The Great Gatsby doesn’t reflect today American Dream.
During the reading of The Great Gatsby, some characters were shown as controlling and rude. A particular character with those characteristics was Tom. He had money, and felt that he could do anything, including cheat on is wife Daisy. Tom was ungrateful of Daisy so when almost losing her, he felt stupid. In today’s world, a lot of people can be greedy with money but also help the community. Americans now, will rather give money to help the poor, then flaunt money and make fun of the poor. So regardless of being wealthy or poor, everyone has an American Dream.
In some situations weather poor or wealthy, you can be disrespected. The two different time lines of the American Dream are the