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At 14 years of age, I am looking for a career where I can help people and improve everybody’s wellness. I am glad to introduce myself, I am Jose L. Alcala and I grew up in Los Fresnos, Texas and I’m also currently living here too. I am reaching out to gain entrance to the program that would give me entrance to my future career in the medical field. As a graduate of the year 2016, I hope to gain entrance to this program so I can achieve my career set goals and get a career where I may be able to help people. Since I was a child, I have dreamed of helping people into their welfare and health. Admission to Med ED Program would be a great advantage in achieving my goals, it would be a great help in fulfilling my dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon or Physician. World Health Organization (WHO) is known to help around the world for their medical issues known in the entire world. If I was permitted the opportunity to address at least one common medical concern that affects many people daily, I would address Autism. Autism is mental condition, commonly occurring during childhood, which causes emotional detachment and hardships in communicating. I have a younger brother who has currently been diagnosed with Autism. Many hardships and disadvantages come with this disorder for example he has to take medication daily so he can sleep and stay calm, he can’t enjoy everything like normal children, and is also enrolled in Special Education classes. These are just a few factors