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To: Mr. Joe Smith
From: Arash Ostad Ebrahim Vesaghi
Date: January 10, 2013
Re: Peggy Noonan article suggestions

This is my report to provide suggestions to improve office communication decrease interruptions during meetings based on article “Information Overload Is Nothing New” by Peggy Noonan in August, 2010 issue of WSJ. I would like to highlight important topics discussed in the article.
Mrs. Noonan quoted a book “Hamlet’s BlackBerry” by William Powers in her article. She mentioned that “It is a book whose subject is how to build a good life in the digital age.” She is attracted to specific part of the book which is about Seneca. She describes Seneca as an “inveterate letter writer” and “a serious philosopher” in old Roman Empire.
Mrs. Noonan quoted from Mr. Power’s book “the busy Roman was constantly navigating crowds – not just the physical ones that filled the street and amphitheaters but the virtual crowd of the larger empire and the torrents of information it produced.” This quotation states that today information explosion is not a new topic. For many years human society had experienced a flow of free information from one part of the world to the other part. The desire for information is part of socializing behavior.
Peggy mentioned “There are two paths. One is to surrender, to allow the crowd to lead you around by the nose and your experience to become ever more shallow. The other is to step back and pare down.” This is obviously part of the problem we…