Multi-Layered Security Plan

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Multi-Layered Security Plan
User Domain:
Employees must conform to the staff manual and policies using the Acceptable use Policy(AUP)
Organizations may require staff, contractors, or other third parties to sign an agreement to keep information confidential
Department manager or human resources manager is in charge of making sure employees sign and follow the AUP
HR must do background checks of any candidate for a job with access to sensitive computer information
Lack of user Awareness- Conduct security awareness training, display security awareness posters, insert reminders in banner greetings, and send email reminders to employees
Workstation Domain
Hardening activities include ensuring that all computers have the latest software revisions, security patches, and system configs. Another common defense layer is implementing workstation logon ID’S and passwords
Human resources must define proper access controls for workers based on their job. IT Security then assign access rights to systems, applications and data based on this definition
IT desktop manager is accountable for ensuring that the workstation domain conforms to policy
Unauthorized access to workstation- Enable password protection on workstations for access, Enable auto screen lockout for inactive times
LAN Domain-
LAN system administrators must maintain and support departments file and print services and configure access control for users
Directory of IT security must ensure that the LAN domain conforms to policy
Unauthorized access to LAN- Make sure wiring closets, data centers, and computer rooms are secure. Do not allow anyone access without proper ID
LAN to WAN Domain-
Maintain security while giving users as much access as possible
Physical parts need to be managed to give easy access to the service.
Security appliances must be logically configured to adhere to policy definitions
Network security group responsible for applying the defined security controls
Unauthorized network probing and port scanning- Disable ping, probing, and port scanning on all exterior