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Whilst completing this task of spoken language, I explored many of my own personal daily speeches which are also known as idiolect and the variation between different environments languages and accent which change due to the context am in. Living in Yorkshire has given me many personal experiences which shapes my idiolect today. There are a few main features I will be focusing on today which include, use of slang, code switching, accents and the effect media has on my idiolect.
As a teenager myself I feel that the media itself has had a great effect and influence on teenagers more specifically through the internet and TV. As often many slang and nonstandard words are used through social networking sites which we use such as ‘’ OMG ‘’ or ‘’ THAT WAS SLICK ‘’. These words or words similar to this are vast growing trend, and with a click of button millions are using it which has become normal, Also new words are constantly been made by teenagers such as ‘’ selfie ‘’, This takes place because people around me use the word regularly and then add it into their daily thesaurus . Also my speech is influenced by my sociolect around my friendship group, I tend to use a low register with my closer friends because I feel more combatable and at ease when having conversations with them, also when communicating with friends we use words picked up from the media such as programmes in which new words are added constantly , According to a research it had been proven that recently the most common words used by teenagers in the media and around a group of friends is as follows :
Like: Many teenagers such as me use this word for fillers ‘’ it’s so annoying like, I am so awesome like ‘’ Mostly I use fillers to fill up the empty spaces in the conversation.

Stuff: I use this word a lot when answering someone example ‘’ oh I just have some stuff to do today ‘’