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International Journal of Electronics & Informatics

Template for International Journal of Electronics & Informatics
Authors Name, Not Affiliation

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Write short abstract within 250 words. Bookman Old Style, Font size 9, Italic. Please use this document as a template, using MSWord (save the files in *.docx format). Follow the information below. The paper length can be 6~10 pages. If the paper is NOT according to this Template – it may NOT be published in the journal. Attach *docx and PDF format when you submit the Final paper once the paper is accepted. Visit website for policies. You must sign the copyright form for the publisher of IJEI once the paper is accepted. Mention 3~5 keywords.
Keywords: IJEI, template, electronics, informatics, reference.

 Center for Natural Sciences & Engineering Research (CNSER), IJEI. All rights reserved.

I. Introduction1
WELCOME to the journal. Please work in A4 sized paper and save to MS Word template directory. For more information, please visit our website.
Bookman Old Style, Font size 10, normal. Try to avoid Underline or Bold within texts.
This section should provide enough background information to make it clear why the study was undertaken and should clearly describe the objectives of the study.
II. Related Works and Methods
This section should provide the reader with all the information necessary to repeat the work. For a modification of published methodology, only the modification needs to be described, with reference to the original source. Statistical analysis of the data (where applicable) is mandatory, using appropriate methods, which must be cited.
A. Title page – Sub-section – Font size 9
A separate title page should be added before the main document. Add following information in the title page:
i. Title ii. Short Title iii. Authors name and affiliations iv. E-mail address of all authors
v. Corresponding author: Clearly indicate who will handle correspondence at all stages of refereeing, publication and post-publication. Ensure that telephone and fax numbers (with country and area code) are provided in addition to the e-mail address and the complete postal address.
B. Preparation of the main document
Manuscripts should be prepared in A4 sized paper and save to MS Word (*.docx) directory. Use a proportional font Bookman old style in normal, 10-point size. The entire text should be single-spaced with appropriate margins. The use of footnotes to the text should be avoided. Sentences should be separated by a single space. For spelling, USA style is preferred. Common Latin abbreviations such as ibid., etc., e.g., i.e., and ‘et al.’, and short, commonly used Latin terms such as ‘in vitro’, ‘in vivo’, and ‘in situ’, should NOT be italicized.
C. Length of Manuscript
The manuscript should be within 6~10 pages. For detail see the website.
D. Organisation of main document
The preferred organisation of the Main Document of an original paper is as follows:
Authors name and affiliation
Abstract, Key words and short title
Related works & background
Materials and Methods
Results or Results and Discussions
However, authors are not obliged to adhere rigidly to this organization. They may modify the style when such modification makes the presentation clearer and more effective. There is no restriction on the style of review articles.
E. Sections and Subsections
The article should divide into clearly defined and numbered sections. Sections should be numbered with roman number (i.e. I., II., III., …) and the subsections should be number with A., B., C., … (then i., ii., iii., …) etc. Use auto-number for sections and subsections.
F. Figures
Figures should be presented within the text and labeled in consecutive Arabic numerals; also submit original figures as separate file. The final size of