The Tragic Crisis In The North East Of Japan

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I was a person, who wants to be a successful businessman like everyone else until one tragic event happened in my country. This tragic event made me dramatically shift in my thinking, and make me to strongly realize what I have to do for now. There was the devastating natural disaster happened in the North east of Japan on March 11, 2011, and confirmed death counts over 30,000. It was the biggest earthquake in the history of Japan. I could not even say a word when I watched the news that Tsunami swiped whole city away, and it killed tons of guiltiness people right away. I cannot really remember what I felt because my brain went a complete blank at that time. I did not want to imagine it really happened in my country. My tears were flowing …show more content…
It would enhance my sense of business knowledge and global benefit. If I get in to Boston University, I would be able to make global network with knowledgeable students all over the world, and take international initiative. As an international student, I am looking forward to discussing with domestic students about how we will run our global business between the U.S and Japan, and how different identities will interact in order to lead us in the direction that is the best for our successful business. I also look forward to becoming a president of Japanese Student Association in BU. I am sure I can learn how to organize this institution, and how to lead massive people in same direction. That will be a great asset of my life as a person, who wants to be successful business executive. With my restless sprit and fierce eagerness to learn, I believe I will be an asset of BU’s student body.
My current dream is to build an international school in my country that provide world-class human to the U.S is the No.1 economic country all over the world, because I am willing to inform them how great my experiences in the U.S are, and how wonderful it is to communicate and work with the people in the world speaking English. Due to achieve my dream, I am ready to sacrifice everything in my life. I have actively participated in school activity such as helping international orientation and volunteer, so I am excited to continue to do in